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Zagreb Architecture

There are so many great things to see

Zagreb architecture, with cobbled streets and host of museums and churches at the Baroque Upper Town offers a fascinating glimpse of the birth of the city, while the Lenucci’s Horseshoe grid of pretty parks remind visitors of the pride Zagrebans take in all outdoor spaces.

The Maksimir Park & Zoo, dating from the 18th century, was the first public promenade in south east Europe, while the riotously colourful Dolac Market,

opened in 1930, is both Croatian street theatre and farmer’s market shopping experience.

The Lake Jarun urban resort is the top destination for swimming, kayaking, cycling and horse-riding, while the 1,000 metre-high Medvednica National Park is a paradise for hikers, climbers and skiers.

For further details please visit the official website of the Zagreb Tourist Board.

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