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Enjoy the holiday magic

Winter edition: Flip through the new Esplanade View

Explore the latest Esplanade View and unwind with our captivating stories and events. Discover your enchanting holiday retreat as you browse through the new fall/winter issue of the glossy Esplanade View magazine. Immerse yourself in intriguing topics infused with the distinctive luxury of Esplanade. Learn more about the dynamic duo Andolac & Bušić, explore the latest fashion campaign by popular Croatian designer Boris Pavlin, stay updated on upcoming events at the hotel, or be inspired by the narrative of an elegant wedding at the Esplanade. Dive into an interview with our delightful Concierge employee, Monika Čuturić, and with the accomplished Netflix actor Luka Peroš, renowned for his role in Money Heist performed in five languages.


Whether you prefer the online version or wish to collect your personal copy at the hotel, indulge in the experience.

Enjoy reading!

Cover photo: Matej Jurčević

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