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Strawberry Moments

Strawberry Moments

It’s time for sweets inspired by juicy Zagreb strawberries woven into the sweet gourmet creations of Chef Ana Grgic Tomić.


Abandon yourself to the French charm of Le Bistro, the cosmopolitan ambiance of the Esplanade Bar, or the timeless Oleander terrace.


Find gourmet delight in divine combinations such as crispy coconut biscuit with caramelised strawberries and coconut and white chocolate cream, chocolate frothy jelly with crispy almond and cocoa biscuit and strawberries in balsamic vinegar chutney, crème fraîche mousse, chocolate lava cake with vanilla cream or Pavlova, lemon curd, strawberry and basil sorbet.


Book your table at:
Le Bistro
T. +385 1 4566 611
Esplanade Bar
T. +385 1 4566 633
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